Twyford Place, Tiverton

Our client wanted a garden that was level and usable - with the option of extending the house if required at a later date. 

Twyford Place, before we started

This shows the garden before we started the job - as you can see the garden was on two levels.

Twyford Place, Starting the walls

Here the garden is fully excavated, showing the block wall built to retain the soil and the tree on the higher level.  We faced the wall with bricks to match the existing walls.

Twyford Place, finishing the wall

Paving slabs were laid on top of the retaining wall to link the patio with the walls.

Twyford Place, laying the paving

The natural stone paving is laid.

Twyford Place, finishing touches

A raised flower bed and seating area softens the overall effect.

Twyford Place, steps completed

The completed garden shows the brick steps leading to the higher level, with both walls curving to meet them.

Twyford Place, completed

Underneath the gravel a soak-away was constructed to take away any excess rain water. This would also absorb water from the guttering if the house is extended later.